Objection to Economic Times

Date : 01.02.2015


1. Grievances Redressal Officer, Economic Times,  Internet Limited, Plot No.391 Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122 302.

2. The Editor, Economic Times,  Internet Limited, Plot No.391 Udyog Vihar,        Gurgaon,  Haryana – 122 302.



Dear Sir,


We submit our objection published in Economic Times, Chennai edition published on 01.02.2015 under the Heading of  “Illegal Beach Sand Mining of Mineral in Tamilnadu may be a Scam worth Rs. 1 Lakhs Crore”.


We strongly object for the false News published by Sandhya Ravishankar. The above said article was published only to prejudice the judiciary as well as government officials and thereby to help illegal mining don  Mr. Dayadevadas  and their gang.  All the persons mentioned on the above said News are in the pay list of Mr.Dayadevadas and they are acting under the advice of Mr.Dayadevadas. Since this Sandhya is very close to Ms.Radhika, daughter of Mr.Sundaram Retd. IAS officer, who was working under Mr.Dayadevadas, to help that gang, Sandhya published this false News. Lot of money transaction involved in publishing this News, one Mr.Samas and Sandhya both were paid to publish this type of News.  Accordingly, during August 2014, Samas published false News, whereas after we make complaint to the management of Hindu Tamil Newspaper it was discontinued. Now after 5 months, Sandhya published this News. Their nexus between this illegal gang was received by our association well in advance August 2014, and you can find out the same in https://southernmines.co.in/blog/our-objection-letter-to-hindu-translated-copy/


Since Santhiya’s husband is Head for Chennai branch, she can able to publish this type of News only to help one illegal mining don Mr.Dayadevadas.


She has mentioned that Periyasamipuram village people captured certain vehicles. Yes. In Tuticorin, Rathna Store owner, when transporting beach sand to utilize in the salt pan, the people captured the tractors and Thasildar and Police officials came and registered the case and they were penalized.


According to Sandhya’s knowledge whether quarrying beach sand to use in the salt pan is the rare beach sand mining?


To destroy this industry, she has mentioned that one person in Ovavi village died due to Kidney failure and dialysis  going on.  Does she check the report of the doctors, that this death is because of beach sand mineral mining? All over the world, kidney failure, dialysis, cancer and all type of severe diseases available. If only beach sand mining is the reason, at first that the employees should be affected, whereas, until now no employee is affected.   Moreover only Indian Rare Earths Ltd alone carryout mining operation for radioactive material monazite and export the same. This also does not affect any section of people.


        Kindly refer :



She praise very much about Victor Rajamanikam, he is non other, a thug, working under Mr.Dayadevadas. He is also colluded with Dayadevadas in illegal mining. His wife Mallika was the partner in rare mineral, a mining company, who is also planning to enter in the same field.


Mr.Victor Rajamanikam, along with his brother Dr.Samathanam, swindling government fund in the name of various projects. Number of people made written complaint to the authorities, to take action against them.


Kindly refer http://www.beachminerals.org/abuse-misuse-position-retired-s-officers-mr-v-sundaram-mr-m-g-devasagayam-towards-aiding-abetting-one-mr-dhayadevadas-misdeed/ and




Above all, one video is available in English language in http://www.beachminerals.org/video-home/ . You can find out that these all gentlemen are dancing to the tune of Mr.Dayadevadas. This Dayadevadas is non other, but partner and political PA to Danuskodi Athithan, Ex.Congress Central Minister.


She has mentioned about Mr.Ashishkumar, who is also a corrupted officer and now facing vigilance enquiry. She has created report as falsely for which also, Mr.Vaikundarajan complained to government to initiate criminal prosecution. You can find out the same in http://www.beachminerals.org/complaint-ashish-kumar-ias-making-false-report-v-v-mineral-part/


Santhya Rajagopoal herself know everything very well. But to help her friend and to fulfill the commitment made to the illegal mining don, published this News with ulterior motive, to prejudice the judiciary as well as government officials.


We thousands of people are working in beach mineral mining industries, no person is affected. In fact, this area is a rain shadow area. This industry is generating employment opportunities to this industrially most backward area people.


She give some misleading information, that is one the private companies are permitted to export monazite. No private company is permitted to export monazite. Only Indian Rare Earths Limited alone exporting monazite to private companies of overseas countries.


Now the private companies are approaching court for permission to handle monazite. That writ petitions are pending. The same Santhya will know the fact. But with intentionally, she publish misleading information that, the state government permitted the private  parties to export the monazite. In fact, the state government did not permit private parties  to export monazite and this is a false news.


If you want any further information, we are ready to furnish the same. For your information, the fishermen hamlet panchayat president – Manavalakurichi President, where radioactive material monazite is mined by IRE Ltd, give clean chit that, because of beach mineral mining, the community is developing and there is no harm to the public. You can find our the same in http://www.beachminerals.org/fisherman-community-people-supporting-beach-mineral-mining-manavalakurichi-town-panchayat-president-confirm/ . For full details, you can get the documents of public heating available at Ministry of Environment and Forest website and we are having video as well as documents and you are free to verify the same at any time.


We therefore request you sir that, please instruct not to publish this type of false news in future and kindly publish our objection in your newspaper as well in your website.

Yours truly


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