Our objection letter to Hindu – Translated copy

Southern Region Mines and Mineral Based Workers Welfare Association objection letter  dated 21.08.2014 addressed to Hindu Tamil News Paper Daily


I submit my objection as follows to the article written by you under the heading “Vanakkam Vaikundarajan” dated 20.08.2014.

In the above said page, you had published a photograph.  Please compare the below mentioned photographs and the photographs published by you.

You did not open your mouth about the above said mining activity carried out by Indian Government companies.  In the photographs published by you where is the residence?

Please have a look at some of the photographs of mining work below.

Is the money received by you every month is the reason for not opening your mouth about the above said mining activities and the environment?

Last one month Mr.Dayadevadas a competitor of V.V.Mineral has told that he has given Rs.50 lakhs each to you as well as one “Times Now” reporter “SANTHIYA”   to publish news against V.V.Mineral.

One Santhiya threatening V.V.Mineral management to give employment to her husband in the newly started TV channel. She very  politely threatened that otherwise she will publish anti V.V.Mineral news in the media. Some mediators are negotiating between them.   Unless her demand is not meet out within one week “Santhiya” open her month that, “India” is destroyed by V.V.Mineral, as, she has that much affection in India and her husband.

Please stop publishing false news for getting money and please publish impartial.

After seeing your news, I feel that your satiscar travel article also may be written with such high imagination without any truth. You have mentioned that you have traveling night by hiding yourself.  If you are going for an unlawful activity, definitely you have to travel only in night by hiding. What is the connection between your heading and the article.

You have mentioned lot of information available in the V.V.Mineral website. Hindu News website also having lot of information.  After seeing your news, I think that, the Hindu news paper was growing from 1940 to 2014 only by taking any one of the party business competitors and publishing false news and get money by illegal way for this growth.

Some people are speaking that the Hindu which is growing in the money illegally getting from publishing false news should be nationalized and all the employees should become government servants. Myself also feel that their thinking is correct after seeing your news.

“Vanakkam Vaikundarajan” Correct Heading – False News.  All over Tamilnadu one can get Engineering college seat without capitation only in V.V.Engineering college. Hence there is no fault to salute him.

Free medical aid is given to the surrounding village people by them. We can salute them. Educational instruments and note books are distributed to poor students by them – we can salute them.

With 20 acres Govt., land and 10 acre own land, 100 acres private parties land , without proper environmental clearance, IRE Ltd, a Govt., company is looting private parties land mineral wealth. Last 10 years, from the world highest monazite rich area Manavalakurichi produced monazite is sold to Mr.Dayadevadas in the name of “Garnet”. You did not publish news to take action against them.

As per the order of the Honourable High Court, 3.5 million M.Ton illegal mining was deducted, 1.4 million M.Ton was seized by the Government.  Mr.Dayadevadas with his muscle power and with the help of media people like you, who are spreading false news, escape from the legal action. To divert the attention of the Govt., officials and judiciary, Retd. educated criminal officers ill planed you have published this false news for money.

There is no need to go night or hide. If you are ready to write the fact which you have seen, we are ready to invite you with your higher authorities and took all the seashore area and videograph the same. Are ready to write the seen?

We took you along the seashore and all the seashore villages in all 3 districts, Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli and Tuticorin. Are you ready to write the truth which you will see?

Otherwise, we are in a compulsion to publish that the false news is published for the bread piece received from Mr.Dayadevadas.

Nila Sea Food which gives you money export small Octopus which is prohibited for export. They export sea horse and Kadal attai in the name of prawns.

Marine turtle should not be caught.  But do you know how many marine turtles are being cut everyday?

More than 50 persons in the Nila Sea Food company was affected due to the attack of the poisonous gas?  What compensation was granted to those workers? For being silent in that case, how much money was received by your newspaper?

In your today’s news why didn’t you mention as to which village and which area you went?  You come we ourselves will take you.  You also bring some higher level officers from the management of your newspaper.  In their presence, we will prove that all the news published in your newspaper are false and that for the money received, you had published the news and photographs with ulterior motive against the truth by making you to view the three district seashores totally.

I request you to kindly have a look at the following 3 websites, and publish the truth also in your newspaper.




If  you need any other information, in this connection, we are ready to provide the same.

Due to the newspaper like you, which are propagating the false news and wrong information, the law and order problem and communal clauses are arising.,  Hence, the first thing to be prohibited is the newspaper like you who are propagating the wrong information with the imaginary tactic.

Please inform to us against publishing this false news under which act or to which council we have to make complaint.  We would like to complain about this.

I request you to publish this objection in your newspaper.

Yours truly


R. Balakrishnan

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