Kerala Kaumudi News paper published false News. Objection mail send to Kerala Kaumudi is given below.

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From: Southern Mineral Workers Association <>
Date: Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 12:24 PM
Subject: Objection to Kerala Kamudi News

To                                                                                         Date : 29.02.2016

New Editor

Kerala Kaumudi


Dear Sir,

We were informed that, in your newspaper there is one news on 12.2.2016 informing that, one Tuticorin company tried to sell 3000 m.tons of waste material to TTPL.

We were also informed that one more news in your newspaper on 17.2.2016 that Vaikundarajan tried to sold low grade material and 3 KG sample was taken by one Anjana Sankar for testing which was couriered to TTPL courier division.  We were also informed that you have mentioned that more than 50000 crore worth black sand was smuggled which was mentioned in crime branch SP Mr.Unnirajan enquiry report. Hence, I am writing this to you.

There is no low grade material with VV Mineral. In fact, V.V.Mineral has special grade which was already supplied to TTPL as well as KMML.  One industry minister PA who is no more, demanded a certain kickback from the supplier V.V.Mineral which was refused by them. Hence, there are some litigation etc. arised due to his interference. Finally, V.V.Mineral refused to supply the material to KMML. Hence, KMML faced shortage of material.  This is the fact. Because of this, gentlemen intervene the amount payable to VVM was also refused by KMML. Hence, VVMineral approach the civil court of Kollam which was transferred to Karunagapally civil court directed to pay the amount due to V.V.Mineral with interest. Though, VVMineral is ready to get the money without interest, because of the intervene of Ministers PA, the government filed appeal. The net result Kerala Govt. company is facing raw material shortage.

VV Mineral has already supplied more than 28,000 M.Ton to TTPL and more than 25,000 M.ton to KMML. There is no quality claim from VV Mineral material.

This will establish that your message dated : 12.2.2016 was published with ulterior motive.

There is business rivalry between one Congress ex-central minister Mr.Dhanush Kodi athithan and his PA Dayadevadas owned Indian Garnet sand company and Southern Enterprises and V.V.Mineral from 1988. By using the political power, the congress central minister has created lot of problems to V.V.Mineral.  All the complaints were enquired by the competent officers and found that this complaints are made due to business rivalry. Most of the report copies are available in the blog of  You can go through the same.

In respect of 3 kg samples, there is no need to send sample for testing as V.V.mineral has own their laboratory in Tuticorin with state of art of technology and instruments. In case, any material is taken from V.V.Titanium private ltd. This can be collected by any competitor through some other customers name as sample.  In respect of anjana sankar of deputy manager, all the government companies there are 3 or 4 groups one group want to destroy other group, we don’t know who is behind this allegation.

In respect of crime branch SP Mr.Unnirajan enquiry report, V.V.Mineral has filed litigation against IRE ltd who supply material to Dhanush kodi athithan – ex-central minister.  They by colluding with this SP Unnirajan prepared a preliminary report against V.V.mineral and handover the same to Mr.Dhayadevadas to use it against v.V.mineral in Madras High Court. Immediately, myself as well as V.V.Mineral approached the authorities for certain details about the enquiry report under RTI act which was refused by the authorities. Now the matter pending before enquiry commission.  V.V.Mineral going one step ahead filed a writ petition before the Kerala High court against the above said report.  The police department simply replied that this is only a preliminary report, there is no need to worry about this when we enquired in detail, we will give full change to V.V.Mineral.  The kerala Govt. will not take any action against V.V.Mineral based on the preliminary report. You can verify the same from the Kerala High Court.

Immediately Mr.Vaikundarajan sent a detailed complaint to Kerala Governor, Chief Secretary, DGP and other officials on 15.4.2014 to take criminal as well as departmental action against Mr. Unnirajan to create these false report against V.V.Mineral. You can find the same in

Based on the above said complaint, the Kerala Governor secretariat forward the same to the Home Secretary to Kerala Government for appropriate action. You can find out the same in .

Based on V.V.Mineral complaint, the Chief Secretary, directed the DGP to inform the action taken against Mr.Unnirajan.  You can find out the same in

Since the competitor to V.V.Mineral is a power full ex-congress minister and political PA Dayadevadas, they are able to engage retired IAS officer and they are able to create false reports. One of the above said attempt was videographed and available in

The complaint against V.V.Mineral is false and motivated due to business rivalry and required information are available.

Since they are powerful parties, they can able to manage certain media reports and furnish such type of false report to the Medias. This news also one attempt of the same.

I therefore request you sir, kindly publish our explanations in your newspaper and send copy to us.

Thanking you,

Yours truly



1 thought on “Kerala Kaumudi News paper published false News. Objection mail send to Kerala Kaumudi is given below.

  1. vetrivel

    This paid news is organised by VV Minerals competitor Mr. Daya Devadass and Mr. Sasidaran Kartha of Cochin Minerals and Rutiles Ltd. Kartha lending huge money to this Kerala Kavumudi Group which the media could not able to Re-pay.So they promised to publish Two false news per week against Mr. Karthas, competitor. This two paid news also his set up.


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