Why Hindu News Paper targeting VV Mineral alone? Is there any hidden agenda? Mr.Rajkumar asked a valid question

Everybody know that, some overseas companies engaged some antisocial elements in India to disturb the Indian export of beach minerals and thereby destroy Indian industry which is a threat to them.  They engaged some people to file some bogus PILs and to write through some media people against this industry by spending huge money. Sandhya Ravishankar and Ramakrishnan are in this list. Whenever the beach mineral industry case is coming for hearing, they spread false news to prejudice the judiciary. One of the attempt was taken just now. The concerned persons very long time (4.30 hours) to give reply. Mr.Rajkumar send a reply questioning why you are targeting VV Mineral alone. The reply send is attached herewith for our members information.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Rutile VVM <rutile@vvmineral.com>
Date: Thu, Jun 15, 2017 at 6:31 PM
Subject: response to your mail
To: ramakrishnan.t@thehindu.co.in
Cc: sureshkumar.d@thehindu.co.in

Dear Mr. Ramakrishnan,

       Regards. Received your mail but till the last moment I was not aware of what you had sent. Had you told earlier I would have informed that these issues are handled directly by CMD and not by any one including me.  You too know these as you had interviewed him earlier and his contact details will be with you.
      Coming to this letter, you have mentioned that `brief tele conversation’ took place. Actually you never disclosed the contents of your mail. All you said was you wanted response for the mail sent.  In the afternoon around 2 PM also I called you to know about the contents, you simply asked me to go through the mail. Then I reached my office and opened the inbox and found your mail. You had written that you wanted immediate reply. I dont know what prevents you from giving us time to file our reply?

   The process is not simple. I have to forward it to my legal division along with a copy to our CMD. As it involves cases pending in the court, they are the right persons to handle it. Our CMD will be having a hectic schedule and getting immediate response will be very difficult and it will take one or two days time.  I had told this earlier to you when I met you in your office.

If my memory is correct  on 25-11-16 you sent a similar mail, in the noon  asking for the reply on that day itself. I came to your office and explained the difficulties in getting the reply within such a short notice. You carried the story without our version. Later I pointed out the mistakes and subsequently a portion of our version was carried.  This time also you did not provide us time. I dont know what prevents you or what motivates you or what instigates you to act in such haste.

      There are four questions in this mail and the first two are just cut copy paste of your mail dated 25-11-16,  i.e regarding the district committee report. We had already explained you that we were not given a fair trial and our side was not heard at all during the above committee’s meeting.

     A couple of doubts needs your comments

a) You carry story regarding V V mineral when there is court case hearing around the corner. Is it a coincidense or a deliberate one?

b) Why you particularly target V V mineral alone, when other companies too are there? Is there any hidden agenda?

c) Did you get the version of the district committee about why we were denied a fair hearing?. If not so far will you arrange to get it and publish it along with this story?


Thanks &Regards,


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