While going through the Youtube, we found that a damaging News against the Industry was telecast by Times Now with the connivance of Mrs.Sandhya Ravichandran who is close associate to illegal mining Don Dayadevadas group. Hence objection mail was send to Times Now with a request to delete the same.

From: Southern Mineral Workers Association <sworkersassociation@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, May 5, 2015 at 2:07 PM
Subject: Objection to Times Now
To: vineet.jain@timesgroup.com, arnab.goswami@timesgroup.com, hector.kenneth@timesgroup.com,vivek.narayan@timesgroup.com, manish.wadkar@timesgroup.com, legalnow@timesgroup.com

Date: 04.05.2015


The Chief Editor,

Kamala Mills, Trade House,1st Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg
Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 013,India.


 This is regarding a news clip we have chanced upon while surfing for news about our industry, with the title ‘Illegal Export of Nuclear Fuel” apparently covered by your channel sometime in 2013 (4th Sep 2013) and still available on You Tube (refer to the link:http://youtu.be/DUIuh5gsxq4). Presence of such information attributed to credible channel like yours is routinely being used to flair a deep rooted malice against the industry and becomes an endorsement for rivals and motivated groups to rake an invalid argument in the highest forums using the same. Please note that such campaigns cause severe strain on running of the business which gets involved in addressing the misinformation than concentrate on core activities.

 We categorically state that this is false news with incorrect facts, inclined towards maligning the adequately regulated and legitimate industry including key players associated with it like VV Mineral. We notice that the story has been reported by Ms. Sandhya Ravishankar fromChennai, who, according to best of information known to us, and generally understood in Chennai, is a close aide to DMK top leaders.

 This story is a ‘well-orchestrated attack’ on one of the leading companies in heavy mineral mining business, VV Mineral by Dayadevadas, who is a traditional business rival and has used an esteemed and reputed channel like Times Now as a platform for causing unsubstantiated aspersions and malafide. The particular reporter has continued to routinely do stories on the same lines, quoting same persons till date. We are convinced that she is primarily influenced by Dayadevadas who is unfortunately one of the persons from the same industry, but now leads a tirade against the very industry.

 We have from time to time raised several objections against this planned tirade orchestrated by Ms Sandhya, working on cue from Mr Dayadevdas. We are reacting to this dated clip which was noticed lying in the archives of the Youtube only recently and hence raising an objection now.

 To bring some facts to your notice, the reporter derives monetary benefits from Dayadevadas, a mining mafia, whose mining leases have been cancelled by the state government on charges of being involved in illegal mining activities and other serious violations across the state. All his licenses were cancelled by State Govt., in accordance with the Direction issued by the Honourable High Court.

 Hence, now that we have shared all the local dynamics with you, I strongly submit my objection as follows to the News item telecasted by Times Now based on the false feedback received from your reporter Sandhya Ravisankar. Here are some points that we noticed in the clip:


  • The interview has been done with a cleverly selected group of people who are ostensibly pro Dayadevadas.


  • VV Mineral mining area or the adjoining area does not have stone wall to avoid sea erosion. The shoot (as visible in the clip) has been done around the Indian Rare Earths (IREL) factory area but has wrongly mentioned the name of VV Mineral.


    P.S. – The richest monazite is available only in Manavalakurichi, where no mining lease is granted to any private party.


  • The reason why this story was framed against the company is because VV Mineral (operating from Tamilnadu) and their associate company (with mining operation in Andhra) applied for a mining lease in Kerala. In order to render them ineligible, Dayadevadas entered into this conspiracy of tarnishing their image with the help of Sandhya Ravishankar and some other people.


  • The reporter has mentioned that “95 Hectare mining lease is granted to APMDC of Andhra Pradesh in Srikakulam District”. This is completely wrong information. No such mining lease is granted to APMDC for the said area. Instead, the lease was granted in favour of Transworld Garnet India Pvt Ltd. in 2002.

    But Sandhya Ravisankar mentioned VV Mineral’s name and shared incorrect information.

    In addition, she also waved some papers claiming that these documents establish illegal export of Monazite. This is incorrect too for Thorium can be produced from Monazite and thorium is not a mineral. Moreover monazite export is prohibited in India.

    Besides, Tuticorin and Visakhapatnam ports have scanning machines which conduct strict watch for any radioactive materials in the cargo.


  • The reporter interviewed Dr RS Lal Mohan of Nagercoil, who is too a close aide of Dayadevadas. She also interviewed Mr AV Bellarmin, Ex Communist party MP who has some grudges against VV Mineral.

     (For Details please refer here – VV Mineral and IRE Ltd has some civil disputes regarding a land. Several writ petitions are also pending. Number of criminal cases were too registered against IRE employees for attacking VV Mineral employees on the same issue.This oparticular MP is supporting IRE on the above said issue and hence holds a grudge against VV Mineral.)

     The third person she interviewed was Mr.Victor Raja Manikam a Retd. Professor. Again a close associate of Dayadevadas. He allegedly helps Dayadevadas with illegal paper work for approvals on mining plan.

    Moreover, Victor Raja Manikam is infamous for swindling government money, in the name of various projects with help of Dr. Samathanam, his brother who is working in Ministry of Science and Technology.

     PS. The nexus between the above said people can be seen from the video and other documents available in www.beachminerals.org  and the blogger of our websitewww.southernmines.org. You can find out the same in you tubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUwU3fHAZjk


  • Sandhya Ravisankar is a close associate with Ms. Radhika, who is daughter of Sundaram IAS, who is a part of the video, and who has been used widely in the story by Ms Sandhya Ravishankar and the same can be established from the links shared above.

     We have been told by some sources that Ms Sandhya Ravisankar entered into this conspiracy with Dayadevadas and others after allegedly getting some monitory benefits.

                 In addition, Sandhya Ravishankar helped Dayadevadas into building a network of journalists through digital forums like whatsapp, in order to raise such issues against VV Mineral and tarnish their image.

     PS. One of the above said news was published in ‘The-Hindu’ Tamil News Paper. Following our strong objection with requisite proof, they have published the addendum.

                 As regards to the story in the said link in our subject, our request is please rectify the mistake done by Sandhya Ravisankar.  You are requested to verify and seek the proof of mining lease granted to APMDC in Srikakulam District.  Until now, no beach mineral mining lease is granted to APMDC either Srikakulam or other districts.

               Also can she produce the proof of illegal export of Thorium or monazite or any other nuclear fuel, which she was claiming in the video by showing some papers in her hand, to substantiate her claim.

                 On the other hand, we have proof that, no export of Radioactive material has taken place through Tuticorin port.

                 You may please arrange an open enquiry at your convenient place where Ms Sandhya can produce the above two documents and we can also be present along with our documents. We would be able to establish that, Sandhya Ravisankar made these attempt (of doing malafide stories) only to help competitors of VV Mineral in lieu of  the money she got from them and to help Radhika’s father Sundaram IAS (Retd.) who was also on the pay rolls of the competitors.

                 After satisfying yourselves based on such enquiry, you may please publish adequate addendum/corrigendum to the above said news and make it available prominently in Youtube along with the above said link.

                 We are eagerly waiting a reply from you.

     Thanking you

    Yours truly,

    R. Balakrishnan

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