Total 35% world reserve of heavy mineral is available in India. In terms of Export, India was in the 14th position in the world till 1989-90 until VV Minerals entered this business in the year 1988. With its unstinted effort and hard work, India moved to 7th position in the year 1994-95. In 1999, India attained a pride of position No.1 in Garnet production among the world. This statistics was given by none other than “Roskill”, an organization which publishes data relating to production and sale of minerals worldwide.

Another noteworthy fact is that Government of India has continuously honored VV Minerals with best exporter award for the last 23 years. Rare Minerals like Garnet, Ilmenite, Rutile, Zircon etc., are found in the western Ghats. These minerals, over the years of time undergo changes and split into sand particles and washed away from the mountains and deposited into the sea by the rivers. These Minerals get accumulated in the sea for several 100 years are washed ashore by the waves. This is mainly due to changes that take place into the sea like electrical change, the direction of the wind and the magnitude of waves. The Minerals washed ashore by the waves are shifted to patta lands by the aid of the wind.

VV Minerals has obtained valid license from the state Government with prior approval by the central Government for mining these minerals. In addition to this, it has got approval from the Department of Environment, Government of India and State and Central Pollution Control Board as per the condition stipulated under the Coastal Regulation Zone Notification (CRZ Notification).

Mining Lease and Mining method

Out of 25 mining leases granted to VV Mineral, except three, all other 22 mining leases are granted in their own patta land without any land acquisition. The rare minerals are extracted from the beach sands and the waste sands after extraction are used to refill the pits from where the minerals are quarried. There is no blasting or bore holing and there is no chance for increase of pollution limit. Hence, no damage is done to the environment and a clean environment is ensured. Since the mineral sands which were ejected by the sea alone mined, the marine wealth or the fisheries will not affected.


  Without any chemical or grinding or crushing, only electromagnetic method separation is used for extracting rare heavy minerals, which is environmental friendly method.

Moreover before granting mining lease, the Govt., will ensure that no habitation or agriculture land or monuments etc., in or adjacent to the mining lease area and after ensuring the same by site inspection only, the leases are granted.

Total Mining leases in Tamil Nadu

Out of 81 mining leases given in Tamil Nadu, 4 leases have been given to the Government of India company, Indian Rare Earth Limited (IREL) and Tamilnadu Minerals Limited (TAMIN), Govt., of Tamilnadu Company and the rest 77 are granted to private companies including VV Mineral.


 Last 23 Years VV Minerals get Special Export Award from Govt., of India. Last year, 4 companies got award from Govt., of India. The Top award goes to VV Mineral and Govt., of India Company Indian Rare Earths Limited and other two private companies get Special Export Award. Last year Tuticorin Port Trust also distribute Export Award to three mineral sand companies. VV Mineral is also one among them.

Role of VV Mineral in Environmental Management

 VV Mineral make greenery by planting fruit yielding trees in the mined out and refilled area. They create green belt development adjacent to the lease boundary. VV Mineral mines have been awarded Best Environment Managed Mine for the last 5 years continuously.

Sea Erosion

           Sea erosion is a common problem all over the world. In India, 20% of the sea shore eroded. But there is no sea erosion in the VV Mineral mining lease granted area. Moreover there is no damage due to the Tsunami occurred in 2004. This is due to the stringent implement of the Coastal Regulation Zone condition by VV Mineral management.

 Role VV Mineral in Social Responsibility 

a) Education Line

 VV Mineral is not only the best exporter of the minerals, but also if plays a pivotal role in uplifting the neglected segments of the society. Every year the company distributes free books, notes and other writing materials to 1500 economically backward students in the region. Students scoring high marks in SSLC and HSC Examinations are given prices and monetary helps to pursue their higher studies. 

Recently, VVM Educational Trust has established VV College of Engineering in Tisayanvilai on par with the best in the country to cater to the needs of the rural students. It gives scholarships and fee concession to deserving poor and bright students. When power cut was acute in Tamil Nadu particularly in rural areas, it distributed solar lamps to the students in villages.

b). Sanitation

 VV Mineral has adopted two nearby villages and provided Modern Latrine to improve their health conditions. It has also provided good road access to these villages.

c) Health Center

 VV Minerals has established a modern and well equipped “KarimLey” Health Centre to provide free medical treatments to people living in and around 5 km areas. Everyday hundreds of people come to this medical centre and get health care benefits. In addition to this, VV Minerals conducts free medical camps in collaboration with Galaxy Hospital Tirunelveli to people living in villages adjacent to its mines.

VV Minerals has tie ups with leading hospitals in Tirunelveli, Tuticorin including one famous Jeyasekharan Hospital in Kanyakumari District to cater to the free medical needs of its employees  and their families. The medical group insurance scheme has been introduced to its employees and all the employees working in VV Minerals are covered under group insurance scheme 3 type and a maximum of Rs. 4 Lakhs cover has been provided to their employees in case of any eventuality. Thus VVM is doing yeoman service to its employees and society.   

Uses of  Mineral sands

           The use of these minerals have come in to vogue, when man entered metal age from stone age. All the goods that satisfy the needs of the human being, except food and timber related goods, come from mineral. Rare Minerals have come to occupy an important place in the day to day life of an ordinary man.

In the modern world nothing in possible without minerals. It plays a key role in the production of paper, plastics goods, paints, Glass, ceramics, and certain goods used in aero plane and rockets.

Role of VV Mineral in the Economic Development

Due to Global Warming, climatic change, year by year decline in the rain fall level, the agriculture operation in the southern district has come to a standstill. Further, Radhapuram Taluk, of Tirunelveli district comes under Rain Shadow Region. People who are deprived of agricultural operation have moved to Beedi making and Palmyra tapping, but now these two industries also not working. As a result people in this region get employment only in mineral sand industries.

          VVM plays an important role in the economic development of India. Mineral Sand Industry not only earns valuable foreign exchange by its exports but also it contributes 10% Export Duty, 12% Excise Duty and 14% service tax to Central Govt., and 3% royalty and 5% VAT to the State government. In addition to, it pays a sizeable amount by way of the above said taxes for the purchases made by the industries and give employment opportunity to thousands of people. All over the world, India is No. 1 producer in Mineral sand. All over India, Tamilnadu is No.1 Mineral Sand producer. VV Mineral’s role is important to make Tamilnadu and India No.1, among the world.

          Every Tamilian should be proud of the magnificent role played by VV Minerals in making Tamil Nadu No. 1 state in India in the production and export of rare minerals.

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