There is no room for complaint in the name of illegal mining due to business motive


All the mines are linked by Govt., of India. Hence there is no way for illegal mining. This is a good news to the Industry that, in future there is no need to consider any complaint petition made with ulterior motive in the name of illegal mining.

Mines surveillance system will soon be extended to public

Mines surveillance system will soon be extended to public NEW DELHI: Mines in India will soon open to public scrutiny with the government deciding to extend the mines surveillance system to the general public, a move that will allow the common man to play the whistleblower against illegal mining. All mines in the country will be digitised for real­time monitoring through a dashboard and mobile application, Mines Secretary Balvinder Kumar told ET.

The dashboard and mobile application will be able to spot unauthorised mining activities on a real­time basis, sending triggers to the concerned officials in the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) and state governments. “The mines surveillance system (MSS) will also be extended to the general public who can reach out to authorities highlighting unusual mining activities around mines. This will go a long way to curb unauthorised mining activities in the country,” Kumar said.The mobile application will also enable state government officials to file site verifications reports to higher authorities online.

The MSS has already been put in place and 1,710 working major mineral mines have been plotted on the system. The government has so far received 296 triggers generated through the software from Rajasthan, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Odisha. The triggers are studied at a remote sensing control centre of IBM and transmitted to the concerned district officers for onsite verification, Kumar said.During the pilot run of MSS, the mines ministry had received 13 triggers, of which three were found to be related to unauthorised mining. Over the next three months, the surveillance system will be extended to all the 3,843 mining leases issued by the state governments. A similar system will be put in place for minor mineral mines like those of sand and mica, which often suffer rampant illegal mining.

The monitoring software has been developed by the mines ministry in collaboration with the Gujarat­based Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications and Geo­informatics. This followed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call in September last year to use space­based technologies to check illegal mining. Under the system, a digitised revenue map of each mine will be superimposed on its global positioning system (GPS)­enabled mining plan. This will help the mines ministry in collecting satellite images of all blocks every month and detect illegal activities within 500 metre of the earmarked boundaries of mines.

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