Request to cancel the company CIN No. U91110TN2003NPL050192 Benamy Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries and to take action against erring officers

Copy of mail sent to the Honourable Prime Minister and other Ministers and Secretaries and other Head of Departments of State and Central Government Departments with a request to take action for cancellation of the company Registered in the name of Benamy federation and to take action against the corrupted officials and to file the real fact in the PIL.


To                                                                                                                   Date : 22.10.2018

  1. The Secretary to Govt.,

     Ministry of Corporate Affairs,

     New Delhi


  1. The Regional Director of Company Affairs,



  1. The Registrar of Companies,


 Copy Submitted to :

 The Honorable Prime Minister of India,

South Block, New Delhi

and all other honorable Ministers and Secretaries and Head of the Departments Central and State Govt., of Tamilnadu, Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Orissa.

Most Respected Sir,

                        Sub:   Request to cancel the company CIN No. U91110TN2003NPL050192 registered in the name of Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries, Chennai by Mr. Dhayadevadas, the hooligan of Mr.Dhanuskodi Adhithan, Former Central Minister who make false complaint against beach mineral industry –  reg

 You know very well that, India has 35% of total world reserve of the beach minerals compared to the reserve and mining ratio India is fare below than even small countries. In case these are not used within a reasonable time, these all become waste due to technology changes.  Considering the above facts, the then BJP Government Headed by Shri. A.P.Vajpayee ji, simplify the procedures and open the field to private players. So our Indian Export increased from 35 Crore rupees to Rs.2500 Crores per year and new employment generation also created for 50,000 employees. Our India become No.1 producer among world.

One illegal mining Don Mr. Dayadevadoss is doing the same Garnet Business in various names  such as Southern Enterprices, Indian Garnet Sand Company, Bengal Bay Beach Minerals etc.,

Since, Mr. Dayadevadoss could not succeed in the business, he sent number of false complaint petitions in various names to various Government officials and District Collector etc.  All the petitions were considered by the officials and closed as “Deserve No Merit”.

Mr. Dayadevadoss make it as a hobby to write false and imaginary allegations against the Government officials and against all the private beach mineral mining industries then and there in his name as well as his friends name.

Dayadevadoss registered a company in the name of Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries under the Company Act. Only one person Mr.Dayadevadoss alone the lessee member in the Federation and make false complaints. Since he made lot of false complaint in the Federation name the above fact have been reported to the higher forums. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has directed the regional Director of Company affairs to enquire about the Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industry vide CBI letter No. C6/Misc.complt./03/CBI/EOW/Chennai dated 16.12.2003.  The Company registrar also directed the regional Director of Company affairs to enquire about the Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industry.

Due to business rivalry, every time Mr. Dhayadevadas make false complaints against private beach mineral mining lessees as well as State and Central Govt., officials by using the benamy Federation name.  The officials by believing that this is a really a Federation, conduct enquiry and submit reports that these petitions are false and made due to business rivalry.  One of the report send by Govt., of Tamilnadu Industries department letter No. 17585/MMA1/03-9 dated 24.11.2004 is available in Govt., of India, Ministry of Mines File No. 7/33/2000-M.IV.

Mr. Dhayadevadas again submit 10 complaint petitions in the name of Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries to Ministry of Mines, which was forwarded to State Government for enquiry. After detailed enquiry the Principal Secretary to Govt., of Tamilnadu send a detailed report to Ministry of Mines replying for all the 40 allegations made by the petitioner vide Industries Department letter No.7810/MMD.2/2011-1 dated 23.07.2013. The Principal Secretary has specifically pointed out that,

i)                  There is business rivalry between Dhayadevadas and VV Mineral.

ii)                All the complaint petitions are made due to business rivalry

iii)             All the complaints were verified and found as false.

iv)            There is no Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries. But it is a company registered only to make false complaints against his competitors.

v)                Mr.Dhayadevadas is a habitual petition writer and to threaten State  and Central Govt., officials, he make the false complaint petition making allegation against the Govt., officials.

vi)             The complaint petitions are without any basis.

The above reports are available in Govt., of India, Ministry of Mines file No. 16/36/2011-M.VI

Since India become No. 1 in this beach minerals field and since Indian producers are become No.1, some of the foreign companies, not only loose the market, but they loose their share value also. Famous companies like Iluka etc., are closing their mines. So they spend lot of money to disturb Indian beach mineral industries thereby to recapture their market share. So they feed lot of money to Mr.Dhayadevadas and some corrupted media people to make false complaints and propaganda.

In fact, this is not a federation, but this is a company. The only one mining lessee is Mr. Dhayadevadas alone.  He using the name to make complaints against officials as well as private beach mineral players. Some of the corrupted officials also colluded with him and get their share.

Mr.Dhayadevadas has involved large scale illegal mining in Trichy District. Already the Trichy District Collector has imposed Rs.53 Lakhs Penalty for one illegal mining vide Proceedings No. e.f.m.312/97 ehs; 22.01.2009. Based on the order of the Honourable High Court in W.P.(MD) No. 175/2010, the Government inspected and captured large scale illegal mining of 3.9 million M.Ton of rare minerals on red handed and take action against Mr. Dhayadevadas. His review petition against the said order was also dismissed by the Division Bench in Review Application No. 61 of 2011 on 12.12.2013 and SLP before the Honourable Supreme Court which was also dismissed in SLP CC Nos. 740-741 of 2015 on 02.02.2015.

            Now he using the same benamy Federation name to cheating and threatening the State Govt., officials and there by drop the action taken against him in illegal mining case. Some of the officials from Tamilnadu Govt., also colluded with him.

            Our humble request to the Honourable Prime Minister and other Honourable Ministers and Secretaries are,

(a)              To give direction to the authorities to cancel the registration of the company registered in the name of Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries (CIN No. U91110TN2003NPL050192)

(b)            To give a direction to all the Company Registrar not to register any company in the name of Federation without due enquiry and public notice.

(c)              To direct the CBI to make an enquiry about the nexus between Mr. Dhayadevadas and the corrupted officials engaged in Indian Bureau of Mines, Atomic Minerals Directorate and Tamilnadu State Geology and Mining Department and the State and Central Government advocates in Madras High Court and to take stringent action against the corrupted officials.

In case, you conduct the Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI), you can find out that, they did not give consent for such registration and the company is cheating government as well as private players to believe it as a “Federation”.

Though Tamilnadu Govt., has already reported to Govt., of India that There is no Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries. But it is a company registered only to make false complaints against his competitors  vide Tamilnadu Govt.,  letter No. 7810/MMD.2/2011-1 dated 23.07.2013 which is available in Ministry of Mines file No. 16/36/2011-M.VI , either Central Govt., Ministry of Mines or Atomic Energy Department or Atomic Minerals Directorate or Indian Bureau  of Mines or any other Government Department did not bring the above said fact in the PIL W.P.No. 1592 of 2015 pending before the Honourable High Court of Madras. This alone will establish the nexus between the corrupted officials and Mr. Dhayadevadas colluded to destroy Indian beach mineral industries.

For your ready reference I am attaching herewith Tamilnadu Government report dt. 23.7.2013. If you go through the said report in page 2, 3rd para, the State Government categorically reported that, this is a benamy Federation registered only to make complaints against his business competitors and against the Government officials.

Thanking you

Yours truly

R. Balakrishnan,


Southern Region Mines and Mineral Based Workers Welfare Association

TN Gov lr to MOM

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