As usual Mr. Kumar Chellappan who is in Dayadevadas pay list publish a false news in “the Pioneer” in Collusion with one Mr.Ramakrishnan, who is involved in lot of illegal things in IRE Ltd. An objection was send to Pioneer and the objection also posted in their website. Copy of objection mail send to Pioneer is posted below for our members reference.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Southern Mineral Workers Association <>
Date: Sat, Jan 2, 2016 at 2:21 PM
Subject: Objection to the Pioneer News

Attn : Editor, The Pioneer


This has reference to your news Heading “RICH N-FUEL AT TN MAFIA’S MERCY?”    

Yes. IRE Ltd sold monazite in the name of Garnet to Indian Garnet sand company. On complaint, now there is a vigilance enquiry is pending and last 3 years, they have stopped the supply to Indian Garnet Sand Company. Some employees of IRE Ltd., in clandestine move to reject VV Mineral material in the International market packed IRE’s radioactive material in VV Mineral bag and tried to supply to other parties. By smelling the same, VVM make complaints to IRE Ltd and there by it was prevented.

One Mr. Yesu Selvaraj, who is President of one Trade union of IRE Ltd join hands glow with one Mr.Ramakrishnan and make this false allegations against VV Mineral, as, Yesu Selvaraj is now in VV Mineral competitor company. Mr.Ramakrishnan with the help of some top officials send all the executives send out from the government company and fill the vacancies with Brahmin Community people. This open secret will known to all the people.

VVM has their own market arms and no material is supplied to IRE Ltd , customers by VV Mineral for the last 15 years. Two domestic government companies KMML and Travancore Titanium alone purchase a portion from VVM, since IRE could not able to fullfill their requirement. After confirming the same in writing VVM supplied the material. Now IRE restart the supply to the above said companies, immediately VVM stop the supply. Hence your allegation about capture of IRE Ltd market and list of customers etc., all are false.

Every port has facilities to check whether any radioactive materials are blended or mixed with imported or exported products. Hence there is no possibility for export of these mineral.

Every year IRE Ltd, MK produce more than 60,000 M.Ton Ilmenite. Which will give 9 to 15,000 M.Ton of monazite. From 2003, after one gentlemen joined IRE Ltd, the monazite production does not brings to the accounts of IRE Ltd. This can be verified from the Govt., records as well as IRE records. Hence this gentlemen who are indulging illegal mining and export of thorium rich monazite under the shield of IRE Ltd, tried to turn this allegation against VVM.

In fact, VV Mineral did not carry out any illegal mining. You can find out the required information from


R.Bala Krishnan.

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