Objection to Guardian’s False News

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From: Southern Mineral Workers Association <sworkersassociation@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 12:17 PM
Subject: Objection to the false news published by your Guardian
To: guardian.letters@theguardian.com, observer.letters@observer.co.uk, guardian.readers@theguardian.com, observer.readers@observer.co.uk, consumer.champions@theguardian.com, media@theguardian.com, nq@theguardian.com, politics@theguardian.com, society@theguardian.com, obituaries@theguardian.com

Dear Sir,

This has the reference to the news published on 10.10.16 under the Heading of “Indians at risk of flooding powerless to stem the tide of illegal sand Mining”

In fact, there is no illegal mining in Southern Tamilnadu. But Mega Scale Illegal  Mining only in Center of Tamilnadu that is in Trichy District. The Govt., take stringent action against the illegal minors and found 3.9 million ton illegal mining during 2011. Since the illegal minor “Indian Garnet Sand Company”  is controlled by Ex Congress Central Minister Mr.Dhanuskodi Adithan and his political PA Dhayadevadas. They are able to create this type of imaginary stories through their money power and muscle power. Lot of Retd. IAS officials and mineral experts like Victor Raja Manikam who are swindling Govt., funds are helping to planting this type of false stories. All over the world sea erosion is a common problem and there is no connection between the beach sand mining and sea erosion. For further details you can visit www.coastalenvironment.org and www.beachminerals.org.

Please don’t encourage for publishing such false news.

With Regards



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