Objection for the news published in EJATLAS based on Sandhya Ravishankar’s article.

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The Editor

Environmental Justice Atlas

Dear Sir, 

A news items has been published on 12.04.2017, in your website as “Illegal Sand Mining in rivers and beaches in Tamil Nadu, India” based on Ms. Sandhya Ravishankar’s four parts series article.

At first instance, we want to object that with malafide intention your author has intentionally combined two topics “Beach Sand Mining” and “River Sand Mining”.

Beach Sand Mining:-  Beach Sand Mining are carried out to mine Beach Sand Minerls viz., Garnet, Ilmenite, Rutile etc., They are listed as “Major Minerals” as per MMDR Act. Mining leases pertaining to Major Minerals are granted by the State Govt. after getting approval from the Central Govt. Apart from the Environment Clearance, following approvals/ clearances are required for these Beach Sand Minerals (BSM). Since, these BSM are Schedule-I Minerals of MMDR Act, they are also called as Atomic Minerals.

  1. a)Mining Lease – Granted by State Govt. after getting approval from the Central Govt.
  2. b)Environment Clearance –  From MoEF, Govt. Of India. Also TNPCB is involved.
  3. c)Licence from Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) – According to Atomic Energy Act, BSM operating plants are operating only after getting valid licence from AERB. Routine inspection and submission of regular returns to AERB are Mandatory. AERB is coming under Dept. of Atomic Energy(DAE).
  4. d)Mining Plan Approval – Mining leases shall be granted only after submission of valid Approved Mining Plan. Mining Plans Pertaining to BSM are approved by dual agencies viz., Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) and Atomic Minerals Directorate of Exploration and Research (AMD). IBM is coming under Ministry of Mines, Govt. of India. AMD is coming under Dept. of Atomic Energy (DAE), Govt. of India. Regular Inspection and regular submission of returns are mandatory to both IBM and AMD. Mining Plan are valid for 5 years and the same required to reviewed (or) modified for every 5 years.
  5. e)Approval from DGMS – Directorate of Mines Safety, Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India is also looking after Safety in Mines of Beach Sand Mines. Regular Inspection, technical approvals/ exemptions, submission of returns are mandatory for BSM operators and they are coming under Mines Act.
  6. f)Permits from the State DMG – Directorate of Mining Geology (DMG), Tamil Nadu State Govt. is the Authority which is grant mining leases. Monthly/ weekly permits for carrying out mining operation, shall be issued by the District authority of DMG, TN State Govt only, after verification from the mine sites.

River Sand Mining:- River Sand is utilised mainly for construction purpose. River Sand is not listed under MMDR Act and covered under Minor Minerals. They are governed by only by the State Government, Central Govt. does not have any role on mining of River Sand.

Thus the author purposely mixed two totally different issues (sensitive issues) under one Article, to add colour to his article. But both river sand mining and Beach sand mining looks similar for common third person. If we look into the matter in depth, lot of difference can be identified.

Next we want to highlight the motive of Mrs. Sandhya Ravishankar. When VV people started News7 TV Channel, this Sandhya Ravishankar, demanded Head Post to her husband. She threatened our director that unless the post is not given to her husband, she will torture M/s. V.V. Mineral by writing against them. This can be find out in letter dt. 21.08.2014. goo.gl/KA6qQ5.

When her demand was not met by News7 TV channel, she has joined hand with our competitor. There is business enmity between M/s. Indian Garnet Sand Company and M/s. Southern Enterprises operated by Mr. Dhayadevadas, supported by Ex. Congress Central Minister Mr. Dhanushkodi Adithan and M/s. V.V. Mineral operated by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan.

Thus the “Excellent Investigative Journalist” Mrs. Sandhya colluded with Mr. Dhayadevadas and made negative and false stories against our group of companies to prejudice the judiciary. Whenever there is hearing in the High Court for M/s. V.V. Mineral, she will openly file a false story, just to prejudice the judges and create undue influence on the judge, not to provide any justice to us.

Sandhya’s story Date M/s. VVM related High Court hearing Date
01.02.2015 17.02.2015
27.01.2017, 29.01.2017 & 30.01.2017 01.02.2017
31.01.3017 09.02.2017

 we are felt sorry about your author’s knowledge in Beach Sand Minerals. He is mentioning Rare Earth Metals are produced from Beach Sand Minerals. That is false information and misleading details supplied by your author.

 Here it is important to mention that your author is charging plenty of baseless allegations viz. Sand-Mining Mafia,  Political figures and Parties whose election campaigns are funded by this trade, Govt. officials involved in providing environmental clearance through bribery etc.. Whether your author (or) Excellent Investigative Journalists are having any proof (or) evidences (or) records to prove above allegation. In our point of view these allegations are treated as “Stories”. These stories are always interesting like Mega TV Serial and huge followers will be formed, which is basic requirement of increase the TRP ratings. 

Your author has mentioned that local villages are being affected by the Mining. In turn     the local villagers are affected by the excellent investigative journalists. Due to false allegations by the journalists they are starving and job less today. South districts especially Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi are backward and not developed villages. This area is covered under rain shadow area and most of the lands are barren lands. Early of 19th Century (when Mr. Vaikindarajan was not born) British Govt., took necessary steps to upgrade the barren lands. A famine affected the TN state especially in this area. The famine was mainly due to scarcity of water and rain-shadow area. Hence, shortage of rain and water scarcity were existing and very common in there areas. Thus there is no relation between Beach Sand Mining and Ground water depletion.

It is suspected that your author is affected by “Multiple Personality Disorder”. First line he is talking about Beach Sand Mining and immediately in the next line he is jumping to river sand mining. Similarly when he is talking about Beach Sand Mining, in order to misguide the viewers, he is talking about the State level Public hearing on the “Impact of Sand Mining in TamilNadu”, which has no relation with beach sand mining and fully related with river sand mining. Thus your author very cunningly selected the topic “Sand Mining”

Similarly the article submitted by Mr. Naveen, Soil researcher, TN Agriculture University, Coimbatore is purely talking about river sand mining. 

  Here it is vital to mention that Beach Sand Mining is totally different from River Sand Mining.

Description Beach Sand Mining River Sand Mining
Mineral Major Mineral Minor Mineral
Approval Central Government State Government
Regulatory Authority Both Central Government & State Government Only State Government
Method Manual by Scraping only hand shovels & baskets used No comments
Machinery Machinery not utilised for mining No comments
Depth Only up to 30cm No comments
Ground water contamination Mining is restricted up to only 30cm i.e., Shallow depth mining above the water table. No ground water contamination No comments
Addition of Chemicals for Proceeding No explosives (or) any other chemicals are used for mining/ processing. No comments
Water Pollution Ground water is not affected. Mining above water table. No water Pollution No comments
Air Pollution No machinery utilised for mining. Only few tippers are used for transportation   and their exhaust is negligible as per EIA. Hence No air study pollution.  No comments
Noise Pollution No drilling & blasting for mining of beach sand. Machinery not utilised for mining. Hence no noise pollution No comments
Vibration No drilling & blasting for mining machinery not utilised for Mining. Hence no Vibrations. No comments
Reclamation and Rehabilitation Mining is carried out up to only 30cm. Shallow pits get naturally filled with replenishable beach sand. However Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is taking care. No comments
Mining in Kerala Due to Eco-friendly operation the Kerala Government allows the Central PSU M/s. IREL to carry out mining. Apart from that Kerala is only state, Kerla Govt them selves carrying out Beach Sand mining i.e., through KMML. Thus it is evident that Beach Sand Mining is eco-friendly and no adverse effects. River sand mining is banned in Kerala, even though plenty of rivers in Kerala.

Thus the Beach Sand Minerals (BSM) – Major Minerals are allied with stringent Rules and Regulation to be complied with. Whereas for River sand – Minor mineral are coming under purview of State Govt. only and only limited rules are governed.

Also, Processing and Separation of BSM require highly skilled manpower and Hitech/ Costliest/ Imported equipments to operate with. Whereas river sand mining is very simple and does not require any technical knowledge. 

Colour change in the sea:- This colour change in the sea was never mentioned in the article. Colour change in the sea is very sensitive topic and the same was nicely utilised by the author as a trump card. Colour change in the sea is nearly imaginary topic of the author. You can find out more in http://www.coastalenvironment.org/blog/the-crimson-tide-tourists-in-australia-flee-as-bondi-beach-turns-into-the-red-sea-because-of-rare-algae-bloom/    and goo.gl/djnTO1

Low pH;- Shallow Depth Mining & Mining above water table, leads to zero disturbance of ground water. pH of the water is well maintained and recorded by the full time Environmental In-Charge. The appointed Environment-in-charge is full time employee of M/s. V.V. Mineral with Ph.D. qualification.

High Electrical Conductivity:- No change in electrical conductivity in water, due to beach sand mining.

High concentration of ions of sulphate and other toxic metals:- No explosive (or) any other chemicals (or) toxic metals utilised for mining (or) separation, Hence there is no change in concentration of ions of sulphate in water.

Low dissolved Oxygen:- No change in dissolved oxygen in water is observed, due to beach sand Mining Operation. Our Environmental team is maintaining records.

BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) : No changes of BOD in water is observed due to beach sand Mining Operation..

Hence such “topographical disorders” are not pertaining to Beach Sand mining.

In the case of Economic Times, they published a false news and we took up the matter with court. Finally on 24-30, 2015 they published a clarification informing that the facts are not verified and published only based on the PIL affidavit. You can verify the same in goo.gl/NoeXBd.

Here it is once again repeated that our beach sand is coming under the category of Opencast Mines. Also, this opencast mines will come under B- Category mine which are otherwise called as manual mines. This classification is made by Indian Bureau of Mines, Govt. of India (Ministry of Mines) and Directorate General of Mines Safety, Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India. Hence, it is now duty of author to prove that beach sand mining (surface mining only up to 30cm) will affect the ground water and water table falling to 300 feet (91 meters). Yes, your author is capable to prove that combing the hair will lead to stomach cancer.

Mr. Nityanand Jeyaraman is Journalist (or) Chennai based environmental activities. Also, Mr. Nityanand Jayaraman is a writer never wrote anything about beach sand mining. Thus your author is very cunning and tempting Mr. Nityanand Jeyaraman to write against beach sand mining.

Your author has mentioned that Mr. S. Vaikundarajan was accused in illegal mining worth of Rs. 96,000 crores. This allegation is baseless and without any evidence you can find out the fact in http://www.beachminerals.org/wild-allegations-leveled-v-v-mineral-v-sundaram-ias-found-wrong-motive-envy-vindictive-far-away-truth/   

Also your author has mentioned that many criminal cases are pending against Mr. Vaikundarajan in court. Your author has to publish the list of criminal cases and the offences committed by Mr.S.Vaikundarajan.  To our knowledge, as on date no criminal case is pending in any court.

In respect of Mr. Ashishkumar report, it is a created one, created under the advise of some Retd. IAS officers you can find out the video in http://www.beachminerals.org/video-home/ . Moreover immediately we collected all the documents from the relevant officers and established that, Mr. Ashishkumar report is a created one. The documents are available in http://www.beachminerals.org/complaint-ashish-kumar-ias-making-false-report-v-v-mineral-part/ and http://www.beachminerals.org/complaint-ashish-kumar-ias-making-false-report-v-v-mineral-part/

Now Mr.Ashis Kumar was prosecuted by Vigilance department for various offences committed by him including sending false report against VV Mineral.

Kindly publish the above facts in your next issue and send the link to me.

Your truly

For V.V.Mineral 





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