Objection for False News published in Hindu Tamil dated 20.08.2014

The Hindu Tamil News Paper published Some False News with Ulterior Motive. Their main aim is to divert the attention of the Government and Court against V.V.Mineral and thereby to protect the Illegal mining Don Dayadevadas from the legal action. The News Paper published false News without any details. But only by attacking V.V.Minerals.  Hence the below mentioned objection letter was send by mail as well as Post and they were requested to come with our representative to visit all the seashore areas of Southern Districts to establish that all the news published by them all are false and the photos are also false.

We know well that since this articles are published with vested interest on Payment basis either Mr.Samas or the Editor will not come forward to visit the area along with our representative. But it is our duty to reveal the fact to the General that the article is a false and defemative one published with ulterior motive.

We are ready to establish that the article published  in 19.08.2014 and 20.08.2014 are false.

Sourthern Workers letter


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