Grant H Smith, Former Marketing Manager of Cable Sands comments about Sandhya Ravishankar Article in Wire

Dear all,

This woman is nuts. Turning thorium into uranium is alchemy. Next it will be water into wine, lead into gold. She is also psychic as she already knows the outcome of the court case which the rest of us will know only in the future.

Is the owner of this fictional website aware of how stupid these articles are becoming for his website ‘news’ has just entered the realm of fantasy.

I will tomorrow send similar comments to the Consul-General here in Perth and I am waiting for an appointment with the India High Commissioner in Canberra where I will point out the same thing but surely something can be done to show how ill-informed this ‘journalist’ really is? It is no wonder she can only be read on-line for no real news source would write such garbage.

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illegal sand mining in tamil nadu

Daily update ⋅ 12 April 2017

Madras High Court Lobs Illegal Beach Sand Mining Ball in Centre’s Court

The Wire

As the saga of illegal beach sand mining drags on in the Madras high court, an interim order pronounced on March 27, … an atomic mineral found in the beach sands of Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari and Tuticorin districts in Tamil Nadu.

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