Frontline cover story about Beach Sand Mining – Our objection

Frontline Magazine published a news about Beach Sand Mining on their 24th July 2015 Edition. We submit our objection in their website in comment line. But they did not publish that. So we send our objection in mail as well as post to the Editor, Frontline.   Our objection letter is given below for public view.


Date : 10.07.2015


 The Editor

Frontline Magazine,

The Hindu Group, Kasturi Buildings,

859/860, Anna Salai, Chennai.


 This is with reference to the News of cover story about “Beach Sand Mining” print edition dated 24th July 2015.

 This is a motivated and paying News. I can establish the same to an impartial reporter team deputed by you to visit the area.

 In Periyathalazi village there are two groups one on the Head of Present President and another is Ex-President’s husband. So Mr.Dayadevadas, who paid money to Ilangovan Rajasekar took him to Periyathalai and arranged the interview by one Group.  Please note there is no fisherman or fisherman hamlet in Koodankulam, whereas Ilangovan Rajasekar take interview from a person in the name of Raj fisherman from Koodankulam. This also will establish that it is organized by Mr. Dayadevadas.

 The Beach Mineral Mining is going on decades in Kerala, Kanyakumari District and Orissa by Indian Rare Earths Ltd. All the Fisherman people are supporting the same. But now Mr. Ilangovan Rajasekar found that due to the mining outside the sea, the fish catchment in the sea is reduced. Whether any scientist found that, the fishes are coming for hatching to outside the sea?

 By seeing the article, I remember my school days that to take leave, all students tell stomach ache or Headache, no one will tell fever. Like that, this person shape that article, for the money received from Mr.Dayadevadas.

 Over exploiting of fishing is the reason for reduction of fish hatchment , that is why now our Government impose ban on fishing. Mr.Dayadevadas and his gang who are educated criminals make this article only to jeopardise the judiciary as well as Government. Whenever a case is pending, they make arrangement to publish such type of news. This is also one of such type of paid news.

 Until now I believe that, in Hindu Group only Hindu Tamil is used for paying News. Now only I came to know that Frontline also on that row.

Ashish Kumar, IAS was not transferred due to the inspection. But he created an inspection report by tampering the government documents after he received transfer order. All the documents are collected by the affected person and the govt., was approached for criminal prosecution. These all are available in website.

V.V.Mineral was falsely implicated by Ashish Kumar, that is why they have approached court for remedy.

Mr.Gagandeep Singh Baedi was also personal enmity between V.V.Mineral from 1995 – 96 when he was working as Sub- Collector Cheranmahadevi. Criminal Cases and Human Right Cases are filed against him, during that time. To take vengeance, when Mr.Gagandeep Singh Baedi was working as Collector of Kanyakumari, he showed the enemity which resulted filing of Five Writ petitions and contempt of court petitions. Hence, there is recorded evidence for the enemity between Gagandeep Singh Baedi and V V Mineral.

The educated criminals Dayadevadas Group by influencing their political power, make arrangement to appoint Mr.Gagandeep Singh Baedi as Head of the Committee. When Mr.Gagandeep Singh Baedi inspected all the Tuticorin area and enquired Mr.Vaikundarajan in Tuticorin Collectorate, he recorded the statements with full video coverage in the presence of District Collector, DRO  and Seven other officers. At that time two questions were exchanged. One question from Baedi to Mr.Vaikundarajan “do you have documents to establish that you did not carry out this mining activity”.,

For that question,  Mr.Vaikundarajan replied, “Yes. I have., But before that, I want to ask one question that, “do you or any other authority have any documents or  evidence to establish that VV Mineral has carryout this illegal mining”. For that Mr.Gagandeep Singh Baedi replied, “we don’t have any such documents or evidence”. This is in presence of Tuticorin Collector, DRO and 7 other officers. Let the Gagandeep Singh Beedi to produce the video, this will establish the truth.

Mining is banned now.  Is there any prohibitions for purchase of mineral or using of existing minerals?  Merely showing the export figure is only to prejudice the authority and judiciary. The matters in loss of exchequer, all are either taken from the PIL filed by Dayadevadas or collected from him.

The voluntary organization and Meenavar Iyakka Munnani, all are the henchmen of Dayadevadas.  He is directing all these persons, Now they are demanding money from other party also.

One Mr. Anton, a fisherman filed a PIL against V.V.Mineral, it was published very large scale by all the medias. The nexus between Anton, Dayadevadas, Sundaram, Victor Rajamanikam etc., were captured and published in video form in website. So now, without other option, the said Anton withdraw the PIL last week. But no media is ready to publish the said news.

You have mentioned  about the sea erosion, please note sea erosion is a common problem all over the world and there is no connection between the sea erosion and beach mineral mining. If you go through the Hindu website, under the caption coastal erosion, you can find out hundreds of pictures and news about erosion where,  there is no mining activities carried out. Moreover please note that, all the Beach Mineral Leases are operated with proper CRZ Clearance. No violation is pointed out.

The Govt., of India report during 2000, is a report organized by Mr.Dayadevadas, while the persons approached the High Court, the Central Govt., standing council represented that there is no violation and it is not a report. By recording the same the court has closed the case. Your reporter wantonly failed to the see the same.

The alleged marine biologist in Tuticorin report is a false one created for this stories.

You can find out that all the fisherman villages, there are two or three groups. They themselves exploded country bombs. This is particularly Kanaykumari, Tirunelveli, Tuticorin districts a common one. If you contact the DSP, RDO and Assistant Director Fisheries officers, you can find out the fact. So this common causes should not be coloured to create an article for which Mr. Ilangovan Rajasekar get a ransom  money. Please publish our objection in your print as well as digital media.




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