Damaging News telecast by “News X” was found in youtube. Hence objection mail was send to delete the same.

From: Southern Mineral Workers Association <sworkersassociation@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, May 5, 2015 at 2:07 PM
Subject: Objection to News published on 24.08.2013 in News X
To: rahul.shivshankar@itvnewsnetwork.com, kartikeya.sharma@itvnewsnetwork.com, dilip.venkataraman@itvnewsnetwork.com, arun.aggarwal@itvnewsnetwork.com, sanjay.dua@itvnewsnetwork.com, aman.thakural@itvnewsnetwork.com

Date : 04.05.2015


The Chief Editor,

News X,

B/4, Sector 3, Noida

Uttar Pradesh – 201301

Tell.: 0120-6601999

Fax: 0120-6601989


             This is to bring to your notice a news clip, we chanced upon while surfing news related to our industry, on Youtube, titled – Illegal beach sand mining and whistle blower Sundaram received life threat, aired by your news channel in 2013 but still available on digital space. (Kindly refer to the link here –http://youtu.be/rFw59R5GHIM)

 We categorically state here that the facts and issues mentioned in the above said news item is factually incorrect and false.

 This story is a ‘well-devised attack’ on one of the leading companies in heavy mineral mining business, VV Mineral by Dayadevadas, who is a traditional business rival and has used an esteemed and reputed channel like News X, as a platform for causing unsubstantiated aspersions and spread malafide.

  IAS Sundaram is a close aide of Dayadevadas and periodically raises such issues for him to malign the image of VV Mineral. This Youtube link clarifies the relationship they share (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUwU3fHAZjk)

 Hence, we strongly submit our objection to this particular clipping as follows: 

  • VV Mineral is a reputed part of the Heavy Mineral Mining Industry of India where all operations are done scientifically and in compliance with laid rules and regulations.  Also, it is the largest mining lease holder for beach minerals all over India and hence there is no question of illegal mining.

    Moreover, the above said report did not mention the name of the village or the details of the survey conducted which could state that illegal mining activity was carried out by VV Mineral.


  • As to the best of our knowledge, we would like to state here that former IAS officer Sundaram has monetary benefits with Mr Dayadevadas, infamous of being a mining mafia in that region. In addition, he is alleged of being on payroll with Dayadevadas.


    The nexus between the above said people can be seen from the video and other documents available in www.beachminerals.org  and the blogger of our websitewww.southernmines.org .You can find out the same in you tubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUwU3fHAZjk


    From the above said links, it is evident that Sundaram is a close associate of Dayadevadas and tries to raise issues for him. The clip shows how, Sundaram is dancing to the tune of Dayadevadas, since he is paid for it.


  • The most important point here is that Mr Sundaram complained of getting a life threat in the news clip and apparently did not file a complaint either before the police or court.


    In fact, since he made a false defamatory statement in an interview, VV Mineral filed criminal case before a local court in Tirunelveli against Sundaram, Dayadevdas and others. The case is still pending before the court.


  • It is sad to understand that the reporter did not cross check the information and aired the news where Mr Sundaram made a complaint that, V.V.Mineral entered into illegal mining and exported to a tune of Rs 96 thousand Crore.

    The fact here is that the Govt. of India, Ministry of Mines and State Govt. officials jointly inspected all the three districts and verified all the documents and submitted report that no illegal mining was done by VV Mineral and the allegation made by Mr.Sundaram IAS is completely false. Copy of the above said report is available in blogger of www.beachminerals.org.


                If you go through the blogger of www.beachminerals.org you can find out the High Court orders, Govt. order terminating illegal mining don Dayadevdas mining leases.


    Refer to the Joint inspection report which slashes Sundaram’s  charges against VV Mineral  http://www.beachminerals.org/wild-allegations-leveled-v-v-mineral-v-sundaram-ias-found-wrong-motive-envy-vindictive-far-away-truth/ . If you want you can get the above report copy from Ministry of Mines under RTI Act. Otherwise we are ready to product the copy since we have already obtained the same under RTI Act.


    As we have stated all facts with proofs and reports (as available from credible sources), kindly refer to the documents. After satisfying yourselves, you may please publish adequate addendum/corrigendum to the above said news and make it available prominently in Youtube along with the above said link.


    We are eagerly waiting a reply from you.


    Thanking you

    Yours truly,

     R. Balakrishnan

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